Listing all organizers of the current conference, mostly used to create the organizers part of the "Organizers and tracks" page.

Items 15

Order Role Name Level
3 Proceedings Chair Andrew M. Sutton A
13 Hot of the Press Benjamin Doerr B
5 Tutorials Chair Carlos Cotta B
10 Late Breaking Abstracts Chair Francisco Chicano B
1 General Chair Frank Neumann A
6 Workshops Chair Gisele L. Pappa B
12 Evolutionary Computation in Practice Jörn Mehnen B
14 Business Committee Jürgen Branke C
7 Workshops Chair Markus Wagner B
8 Competitions Chair Mike Preuss B
4 Publicity/Social Media Chair Per Kristian Lehre A
15 Business Committee Pier Luca Lanzi C
9 Students Chair Tea Tušar B
11 Evolutionary Computation in Practice Thomas Bartz-Beielstein B
2 Editor-in-Chief Tobias Friedrich A