FAQs and Help

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  • Who is eligible for the student rate?
    Full time students (post-grad, graduate, undergraduate, and high school) are eligible for the student rate. You will need to send your proof of full time student status to registration support, Cara Candler, at <ccandler@executivevents.com>.
  • What is the registration requirement for authors of accepted papers?
    GECCO requires at least one author of each accepted paper (the presenting author) to complete a paid registration by the author registration deadline. GECCO requires at least one author to register and attend the conference, so that someone is at the conference to present the research.
  • My paper has more than one author - do all authors have to register?
    No. Only one author is required to register. However, anyone who attends the conference is required to pay a registration. If an accepted paper has more than one author, and more than one of those authors will attend the conference, then each author who attends the conference must pay a registration. Only the presenting author must register by the deadline; the other authors do not have a deadline to register.
  • I am the presenting author for more than one accepted paper - do I have to register once for each paper I present?
    No. If an author is the presenting author for more than one accepted paper, the presenting author pays only one registration.
  • My paper was accepted; what happens if I don't register?
    If none of the authors of your paper have completed a paid registration by the author registration deadline, your paper will be removed from the proceedings.
  • I registered, but I can't attend the conference - may I have a refund?
    No cancellations or refunds will be given, but a registered individual may transfer their registration to either their self for GECCO 2017, or to another person for GECCO 2016. In either case, the registered individual must make the request for the transfer to Registration Support prior to the start of the conference. A registration is for one person, and may not be shared among individuals.
  • What is the difference between accepted as paper and accepted as poster?
    Papers accepted as a paper will be published as full, 8-page papers, and will be scheduled for individual oral presentation during the conference. Papers accepted as a poster will be published as a 2-page abstract, are not scheduled for individual presentation, but are presented (all in parallel) during the Poster Session through direct interactions to spontaneous groups of attendees. Full papers are published in the GECCO Proceedings volume and poster in the GECCO Companion volume. Both the GECCO Proceedings and the GECCO Companion are published and indexed by the ACM.
  • My paper was accepted - now what happens?
    Once your paper is accepted, whether a full paper accepted under the double-blind review, a poster, a workshop or student workshop paper, or late-breaking abstract, you will prepare and submit final files to Sheridan Printing Company.
    Sheridan, our ACM publisher, will send detailed instructions about submitting final files and completing the appropriate copyright or permission to publish form to your CONTACT AUTHOR.
    After you submit your final files to Sheridan, your CONTACT AUTHOR should monitor email for messages from Sheridan: either that the files were approved, or that the files require format corrections.
  • Where will the proceedings be indexed?
    The GECCO 2016 conference proceedings and the GECCO 2016 companion are available and indexed in the ACM Digital Library. They are also indexed in SCOPUS. The GECCO proceedings, but not the companion material, have been indexed by Thomson Reuters (ISI) in previous years and will also be submitted for indexing by Thomson Reuters (ISI) this year.
  • Does GECCO provide childcare services?
  • Does GECCO provide invitation letters for visa purposes?
    The association does not issue formal invitation letters for visas. We can however issue a visa support letter. For that purpose, please send a request to the Office of SIG Services supportletters at acm.org at ACM headquarters with the following information:
    • Name (as it appears on your passport) and mailing address;
    • Residence address and a ship-to address if different
    • The name of the conference you wish to attend;
    • Include your registration confirmation number;
    • If you are the author of any papers accepted for the conference, please provide the title, if you are a speaker, please provide the title/topic of your speech;

    Those requesting a letter should allow up to one week to receive it, as requests are handled in the order they are received.